Skin sensitisation/ allergy

When we think of using essential oils (EO), we think of what so called grade, or purity, organic, unadulterated, ethical farming etc .. it goes on and on.

But we forget about how to use essentials oils responsibly. The fact is that it is just as important as any of the other mentioned issues. 

Think of this, you have in your hand a ethical/organic completely pure essential  oil, now your excited and starting using it undiluted willy nilly, just say topically for now.

What does the skin do with these undiluted oils? There is a complex process of the oil reaching your blood stream, but what are the potential risks? 

Contact dermatitis, which will either just irritate the skin or cause allergic contact dermatitis, which can have immediately hypersensitivity type 1 or delay hypersensitivity type 4 in Dermatology skin allergy types. The are cases of aromatherapists after years of practice having sudden severe allergic reactions to essential oils, this is obviously worse case scenario which is type 4.            

Damaging to skin barrier > increases skin sensitivity

Also remember essential oils are not oily, so they will evaporate on your skin, only a percentage is absorbed, diluting in a carrier oil will allow for better absorption and reduce evaporation. 

Be kind to your skin!

Majic Oils Crew

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