What Grade of Oils Do You Use?

There is much confusion and speculation about the grading and quality of essential oils.

Unfortunately there is no sole governing body that grades or certifies essential oils, meaning that a grading system simply does not exist.

This makes it challenging as a consumer to feel confident that you are obtaining a quality product! How do we ensure that the essential oils that we are buying are of the highest calibre?

Essential oils
essential oil


When we refer to essential oils in an aroma-therapeutic sense, we focus on using an substance that is complete and unaltered. Using the essential oil in it’s complete, pure form allows the substance to function therapeutically as nature intended.

One may think that surely all essential oils would be pure and complete? However in reality this is not the case. Essential oils are used for a multitude of uses, including food flavouring, pharmaceutical, perfumery and personal care, with aroma-therapeutic use making up a very small percentage. These oils for other uses are generally modified by adding synthetic constituents to meet the desired need. Additionally, even essential oils claiming to be pure, may be what is known as “adulterated”, meaning additional substances have been added.

What Do We Need?

When we are looking at essential oils for therapeutic use we should only be using oils that are botanically pure. Meaning it should be:
* Genuine: it is what it is said to be. It comes from the specified plant only with no additives. We should know the part of the plant used, the country of origin and the extraction process.
* Unadulterated: It is purely plant derived, containing no synthetic additives which can affect the expected physiological response of the oil as well as increasing a chance of a reaction.

Essential oil for aromatherapy
Essential oil organic lavender field

Certified Organic

The only way to undeniably guarantee that we are obtaining the highest quality essential oils for aroma-therapeutic use is by using Certified Organic oils. These are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or GMO’s and strict standards are in place that must be adhered to with regard to farming practices right through to extraction and processing.
At Majic Oils we are proud to source the finest Australian Certified Organic oils as much as possible, ie. if a Certified Organic oil is available from our wholesaler that will always be our preference. 85% of our oils are certified organic. 10% are organic from reputable sources but not certified and 5% are not available organic.

Trust & Testing

Our wholesalers pride themselves in only dealing with ethical growers and have personal relationships with their growers and suppliers that go back many years. They hold high regard for sourcing essential oils of the highest quality and keep their commitment to their trusted supplier to ensure consistent quality. They provide a fully transparent service providing details of the botanical name, the part of the plant, the country of origin, the method of extraction and certification numbers when a product is Certified Organic. Each batch of oil is tested to assess the chemical makeup of the batch and a certificate of Analysis is provided upon request.
This gives us confidence that we at Majic Oils are sourcing the finest quality pure essential oils to pass on to you, bringing nature’s power to your fingertips.

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